Free FTA Tool

Free Fault Tree Analysis Software - TopEvent FTA Express

TopEvent FTA Express is a Free Fault Tree Analysis Software. With this Free FTA Tool, you can easily create and evaluate complex Fault Trees.

Fault Tree Editor

You can easily create complex Fault Trees with the TopEvent FTA Express Fault Tree Editor. The Fault Tree Editor includes two Views: the standard Fault Tree Diagram View and the Tree List View. These Views provide a full overview of the Fault Tree.

The gates and events supported by TopEvent FTA Express are:

  • AND
  • OR
  • Voting
  • Inhibit
  • Exclusive OR
  • NOT
  • NOR
  • NAND
  • Transfer
  • Basic Event
  • House Event
  • Undeveloped Event
  • Conditioning Event
Fault Tree

Qualitative Fault Tree Analysis

With TopEvent FTA Express, you can quickly evaluate complex Fault Trees with millions of Minimal Cut Sets. The Qualitative Fault Tree Evaluation is obtained via the Classical Minimal Cut Sets Method (Classical MCSs Method). TopEvent FTA Express supports cut-off thresholds based on the maximum order of the Minimal Cut Sets (Order cut-off) and the minimum probability of the Minimal Cut Sets (Probability cut-off).

Qualitative Fault Tree Analysis

Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis

TopEvent FTA Express can calculate the Unavailability. The Quantitative Fault Tree Evaluation can be obtained via the Classical Minimal Cut Sets Method. The Classical Method provides a rare event approximation of the probabilities.

TopEvent FTA Express provides methods for calculating:

  • Unavailability
  • Minimal Cut Sets
Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis